Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review: Roaring Springs Spiral Notebook

On lunch break the other day I decided to take a stroll through my campus store. I came across a fantastic deal on what seemed like a pretty solid notebook. I picked up a few.

The notebook is made by Roaring Springs, a guess they made a special line that features my college, which is why the logo is embedded on the front. It came in a vast array of colors. Overall a solid looking notebook. It also features a nice pocket on the front cover which I find very handy.

This notebook is big. The pages are 9x11 inches. Which is bigger than your standard sheet of computer paper. It comes with 100 pages. The pages are nice for your average spiral notebook. Definitely smoother than your run of the mill generic brand.

Overall these notebooks are a no brainer for the price of $1 which is what I got them for. I would even recommend one at the full price of $2.79.

8 out of 10 mummies


1 comment:

  1. $1?!?! That's awesome!! I like Roaring Spring products.. they're quite decent.