Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review: Pilot G-2 .38

The Pilot G-2 is an absolute classic in the pen community. It has been around forever, and has crossover appeal to people in the pen community, and the average pen user.   When I saw this pen in the 0.38mm tip variety I got super excited, and had to buy a pack. It's rare to find a sub 0.5mm tip in a big box store. Like all of the other sizes in the Pilot G-2 line, this pen did not let me down.

This pen looks like any other G-2. It has the same sleek body, big rubber grip, and weird brownish/yellowish substance at the back of the ink that I have always been fond of. It's like dark jeans, or a pair of Wayfarers, it doesn't go out of style and it gets the job done.

This pen writes as well as any other G-2. The ink is super dark, flows nicely, and is very reliable. With the smaller tip it does not flow as smooth as say a 0.7mm tip, which was kind of tricky for me to get used to. It is a lot more controlled. I also have fairly big hand writing which does not cater well to the micro tip. Using this pen forces me to write smaller, which I don't mind.

Overall another great writing utensil from Pilot, and the G-2 line of pens is not tarnished.

8 out of 10 mummies.



  1. Cooool I've never seen a 0.38 mm G2 before!

    1. yea we were shocked when we saw it in staples. We just happened to see it say .38 then we started freaking out cause we had never seen a tip that small in a store before

  2. I didn't know there was a "pen community" and I'm not sure if I'm part of it--but, I love this pen. Really. I refuse to write with anything else. I order them in bulk from Amazon or stock up at Target because they are my absolute favorite.

    (I googled "Pilot Pen 38mm" to get an image of the pen to post on my blog, and this is what came up. So that's why I'm commenting on a post a year and a half old.)