Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review- Uni-Ball VISION Fine

I could not tell you the first time I have ever tried one of these pens. It was a very long time ago, when I was just a wee little lad. However I can tell you that I have loved this pen ever since that first time of use. I always keep one around, it is a great writing utensil that I consider to be one of the classics.

I love the look of this pen. It has a very simple shape and color scheme. It has matte finished bits at the front and the back of the pen and in the middle you will find a shiny metallic section. The cap posts firmly on the back with no wiggle room which is a must for me. When the cap comes off you find that gated clear section that are found in most roller ball pens. The cap itself has a clear top with a little black bead that indicates the color, and also a very sturdy metal clip.

This pen writes as good as it looks. Right when the cap comes off it puts down a smooth black line with no start up procedures. The ink is jet black, and looks very nice. At some times the ink can come out a bit quick. Knowing this if the pen stops while writing it can get blotchy, but it is not a serious issue.

Overall this is a fine writing instrument that I would highly recommend, especially to those that are fines of the roller ball genre of pen.

9 out of 10 mummies



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  1. Can you refill these somehow? I mean, maybe slash off the bottom, after removing the cover, and then replace the cover? I know sounds stupid, but??? :)