Thursday, June 7, 2012

Uni-Ball Insight .7mm

I was out doing some grocery shopping at my local food store, and decided I would take a stroll down the pen/office supply/magazine aisle. I wasn't expecting much simply because it was a grocery store, but I surprisingly stumbled across something that I have never seen before. The Uni-Ball Insight, a "new" roller ball pen featuring a .7mm tip. I threw it in the cart.

The Insight is a pretty standard looking pen. Constructed completely out of plastic, mostly black with some shiny metallic silver bits. It has a neat little see through gauge on the side so one can monitor the ink level of their uni-ball. The one thing that through me off about the design was a notch that is created when the pen cap is put over the point. It looks as if the pen cap is not all the way on, but it is. I don't know why they did this, I believe it makes it look cheap and a little silly.

The pen writes fairly well. I am not a big fan of any roller ball pen with a .7mm tip simply because the ink gushes out forcing the writer to speed the pen across the page. This lessens the neatness of the handwriting which I certainly am not a fan of. The ink is nice, a very crisp black. For some reason my hand became fatigued after a very short amount of time using the pen. I think this is due to the pen's lightness. You can barely feel it in your hand. It would be much better with some added weight

Overall this pen is just Okay. If you are looking for a cheap roller ball pen from Uni-Ball do yourself a favor and get a Vision or Vision elite.

5 out of 10 mummies


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