Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pilot Dr. Grip 0.7mm Black Review

This was the pen that started it all.  I was 8 years old and walking through the back to school section of Walgreens when it caught my eye, a thick pearl body with a giant squeezable grip.  It was over $7 and my Dad wouldn't let me buy it. So after school the next day, I went by myself and bought it. The Pilot Dr. Grip started my infatuation with office supplies.

Naturally, when I saw a Dr. Grip in my campus book store I decided to give it a try.  Sadly it isn't the super comfortable mega-pen I remembered it as. The main draw to the Dr. Grip, when I was in grade school, was the super comfortable and squishy grip.  Now the grip is a hard transparent plastic that makes my hand tired and sore after more than 15 minutes of writing.  Not having the super squishy grip that I remembered was not the biggest disappointment that this pen gave. It was the ink.

Writing sample for the Pilot Dr. Grip

The Pilot Dr. Grip uses a Pilot G2 refill.  This refill is generally accepted as a workhorse, a refill you can write all day with.  However, in this Dr. Grip body the refill is horrible.  The ink clumps up around the tip, and there is considerable white space in the lines.  There are some positives to the G2 refill.  The ink is a nice crisp black, and the pen writes smoothly when there aren't clumps of ink on the tip of the pen.
This pen got me interested in pens and office supplies, and for that I'm grateful.  But the current state of the pen doesn't reflect my childhood memories.  This pen will be stuck at the bottom of my pen case until I start to feel nostalgic again.

5 mummies out of 10

Our ranking system is out of 10 mummies. Sadly the Dr. Grip only got 5/10.



  1. I am glad that I am not the only one! This pen used to be the go-to pen while in college, but I have pigeonholed it for the same reason as you did.
    By the way, love the mummies!

  2. Yes! I was so excited to get this pen after reliving all my old memories with it, But then it disappointed me so much. It just didn't live up to my memories.

  3. I'm way older and the Papermate Flair was my first pen love...used to sneak into a local MediMart (now a Walgreens) for mine. And you're right about the original Dr Grip...interestingly, a slightly softer version is sold in Europe, I got one from JetPens, a bit better. Center of Gravity Dr Grip is better grip wise, but the refill's so so--'charged ink" they call it. Sometimes the charger isn't plugged in, seems to me.

  4. My house used to always have a cup filled with Papermate Flairs, they were placed next to the phone so we could jot down numbers and other important info. Ours were always really dried out because no one in my family puts the cap back on pens (except me of course ;) )