Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Bic Triumph 537r .7mm

I'll be honest Bic pens are not normally in my list of favorite pens.  I find them to be unreliable and average writing utensils at best.  However, I couldn't help myself when I saw the Bic Triumph 537r at my local Staples.


The 537r has a sleek modern look to it, and was a liquid ink rollerball which is always a bonus. Still I wasn't expecting much from the Triumph 537r.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  The Triumph 537r writes super smoothly and the lines were crisp and a deep dark black.  There was no bleed through on my Black n' Red notebook and no show through either.


I was smitten.  I couldn't stop using the pen.  I don't use the pen as much as I used to now as I have been using micro tip gel pens recently, and the transition from a .38mm gel pen to a .7mm liquid ink pen is jarring.  Despite this I find myself reaching for the Bic Triumph 537r frequently.  It is a great pen that writes smoothly, with dark black ink, and a cool design. It also dosen't make the hand tired after continued use.  These factors lead to the 537r being one of my favorite pens to write with.


8 out of 10 mummies.

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