Thursday, April 12, 2012


Coffee and I have been in the office supply scene for quite awhile now. When we stumbled across this item at our local staples we were taken back simply because we have never seen the pen, or heard of them for that matter. We thought we would give them a try, and brought a pack back to campus.

The Pilot Precise V series have always been some of my favorite pens, which made this new V Razor point so appealing. The overall look of the pen is very satisfying to the eye. It has a cool silverish metallic color that is very neat. It definitely took it's shape from its V7/5 brother with the exception of smoother rounded edges, and a plastic cap clip instead of a metal one which I personally prefer. The cap also has 3 slotted gills on each side for supreme aerodynamic performance :P. Another neat feature was the very tip of the pen cap which was stamped with an EF (Extra Fine) insignia to make it identifiable in a pen cup, this is actually pretty handy.

Lets get down to the important stuff, how it writes. I was a little skeptical for the first time using it, simply because I had never used a plastic tipped pen before. At first it felt odd, something that I definitely was not used to. It gave me this moist squishiness feeling that was new to me, I wanted to decide that I didn't like it right away, but I kept using the pen just to give it a chance. After using the pen for a little while the pen really started to grow on me. I started writing a little different, to make the pen perform in a way that was really superb. When you find the sweet spot of force to use the pen glides across the pages effortlessly, but is still very easy to keep control over.The only downside to this pen was the tip felt inconsistent at times. When writing I would find a nice soft spot on the tip, when rotating it or picking it up again I felt at times that the tip was more solid. This could be due to the fact that the pen wasn't broken in yet.

Overall I really enjoyed the Pilot V Razor Point, and it has definitely made me a believer in the plastic tip. I would go as far to even say that this pen has trumped the beloved Sharpie pen's porous tip in terms of writing pleasure. On our scale of 10 mummies the V Razor Point has scored a respectable 8.


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